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For years there were only 2 big players in the football simulation market: EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s PES.
Or who of you still remembers This is Football on the PS2?

However, in the last few weeks, two new games have been announced. Namely GOALS by SK Gaming co-founder Andreas Thorstensson and UFL (, which is published by Belarusian developer studio STRICKERz.

Goals was announced in August 2021

However, both new games have a completely different approach than the top dogs. They focus completely on eSports and competitive gaming. So what can we expect here?

The problem with competitive sports sims

The big problem with playing a sports simulation competitively is having…

Pretty bold statement — especially because it comes from us.
But give us 2 minutes to defend ourselves 🤔

Many FUT players “waste” up to 15–20 hours every week to complete their games, but for what?

Are current rewards worth the time?

At the end, EA will give you some in-game rewards and you can post a photo of your TOP 100 ranking in the Instagram Story. That’s it? 🤯
Or are you currently on your way into professional eSports? 🔥
How would it be if you could earn up to 50€ every weekend without much effort? Without a sponsor or team behind you.

➡️ And…

More and more games and manufacturers use crossplay for newly launched titles. Today we would like to share our opinion as to you why this is the right way to go and why this is an important step in the right direction:

What, where, how to crossplay?

Playing together has become more important than ever, especially after the last few months. For many, however, this is only possible if they are on the same platforms.

Games like Fortnite or Rocket League, on the other hand, have offered crossplay for a long time. …

Earlier this week, we asked our LinkedIN followers — What’s the most competitive game of the three?

The choices were eFootball (PES), Madden and Rocket League.
As expected, the vast majority voted for Rocket League.

To be honest, it was also our favourite.

As our name — RawSkill — says: We stand for skill. That’s why we want our next game to be as competitive as possible.

During our research, it quickly became clear just how strong Rocket League is.

Wir freuen uns heute die Partnerschaft zwischen RawSkill und GamersAcademy bekannt geben zu dürfen!

Die GamersAcademy bietet individuelles Coaching für ambitionierte FIFA Spieler an. Durch Trainings-Videos, Hacks und Skill-Trainings bringt dich GamersAcademy auf ein neues Level im FIFA Gameplay.

Dabei richtet sich das Angebot nicht nur an erfahrene Spieler sondern jeden Spieler — vom Beginner bis zum Profi. Prominente FIFA-Champs wie MoAuba, Stylo oder Lefti bereiten euch mit ihren Tipps für Erfolg im eSport vor. Ein ideales Coaching für jeden der bei der Weekend League mehr erreichen möchte.

We have changed our name:
Rawbet becomes RawSkill!
But why?

In the last few months we have gone through the development from a small idea of “1v1 matches for money” to an established player within the competitive eFootball landscape in Europe.
We slightly drifted away from “Cash Games” and found Product Market Fit, by tapping into the games most popular game modes. For FIFA thats Division Rivals mode & Weekend League.

Users basically play a Rivals or WL match, track their score with the app, get ranked in one of our cups leaderboards and the top spots (with the best…

The EURO 2020 football tournament is just around the corner. The ideal time to take your first steps in eFootball.
One way is to organise an eSports tournament — and with Rawbet we offer an ideal platform for organising such cups!

But traditional 1v1 tournaments bring some problems with them:
All players have to be online at the same time and have to follow rules and guidelines. Participants often accuse each other of cheating. And after one round, 50% of the players are already eliminated. Because supposedly weaker players are quickly chanceless.

That’s why we introduced our Leaderboard Cups a…

Here at Rawbet we test different strategies and ways every day to be able to place our brand but also our sponsors perfectly.

Especially in FIFA21 there are so many different communities and ways to create content. One of them is trading in the Ultimate Team mode.
Traders meet for example in Discord channels to share their strategies and tips with each other.

Of course there are mainly competitive players. So it’s a perfect starting point for us at Rawbet.

Also our sponsors from the sports betting and fanatasy sports sector can be placed here very well.

We now work…


Overpowered Gaming & Performance Booster is a drink that was specially tailored to the needs of gamers. OP is also from Germany and is already very well known in the eSports industry. New products are developed regularly and especially the product design stands out from the crowd.

These are just a few of the reasons, why OP is and was a great fit to Rawbet.

Over the past few months, we’ve fully integrated OP into our marketing content. …


Today we’re excited to tell you about the charity stream from our stream partner OFFICALTACTIX!

Together with creators “mouh_kay88” and “dibofifa”, “officialtactix” hosted a big donation quiz last Tuesday, 04/20–21.

All proceeds of the stream were donated 100% to the Charity Event e.V.. Among other things, the donation amount will be used for the construction of a school in Tanzania.

(Q. )

RAWBET also supported the project with a small amount and we are looking forward to be part of such actions again in the future.

The Charity Event e.V. has been active for several years and consists mainly of students. In the long term, it mainly supports educational projects. Further information:

A VoD of the event is currently still available on Twitch:


Play Videogames for Money 🎮💸

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