Billions invested in esports/gaming

The year is not even a month old, but we have already seen what are likely to be the biggest acquisitions of the 2022 gaming year. 🙀

Let’s start with esports. The big event organiser ESL (Electronic Sports League) was sold for one billion dollars to the Savvy Gaming Group from Saudi Arabia.
ESL is best known for its huge CS:GO and DOTA 2 tournaments.

But SGG probably hadn’t had enough yet and in the same move bought up FaceIT from London for 500 million dollars.
Thus, the actual competitors FaceIT and ESL now operate under one roof.

Gamechanger Deal

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has already made big waves in early 2021! At almost $70 billion, it’s the biggest acquisition in video game history. 💰

Some top titles such as Call of Duty, Diablo or Warcraft now belong to Microsoft and could soon be sold exclusively on XBOX and PC. This could fundamentally change the console market.

We are curious to see what 2022 will bring in terms of investments and takeovers in this sector. Sony in particular must make a move now, otherwise Microsoft will soon have bought up all the studios. 🙉

Savvy Gaming Group is currently led by former Activision Blizzard director Brian Ward. He wants to put more resources into the growing e-sports industry in the future.

The industry continues to grow despite the pandemic.

Some market analyses show that the gaming industry is still booming despite the pandemic. Compared to the previous year, turnover increased by 15% to about 1.1 billion US dollars. 📈

It is assumed that a further growth of almost 50% can be expected until 2024.
Investments such as those made by SGG should therefore certainly be economically worthwhile.

We have other noteworthy investments in the last months for you here:
100 Thieves raised 60 million dollar
PlayUp raised 35 million dollar
Apogee Entertainment raised 5 million dollar
raised 4 million dolla
resportsXO raised 1.1 million dollar



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