DISCORD as a Marketing Channel

Here at Rawbet we test different strategies and ways every day to be able to place our brand but also our sponsors perfectly.

Especially in FIFA21 there are so many different communities and ways to create content. One of them is trading in the Ultimate Team mode.
Traders meet for example in Discord channels to share their strategies and tips with each other.

Of course there are mainly competitive players. So it’s a perfect starting point for us at Rawbet.

Also our sponsors from the sports betting and fanatasy sports sector can be placed here very well.

We now work with various content creators and streamers who have large Discord communities on the side.
As on other networks, we place “Sponsored Posts” there in consultation with the owner of the server.

To get a direct connection to the community, we find Discord really perfect. Additionally, members of the server get a push notification right after the post through the command “@everyone”.

Since there are Discord servers for various topics, you should look carefully where the advertised product fits best. For example, we have tried to link sports betting and FIFA trading and are very satisfied with the results.


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