Do individual user stats matter?

Today, we ask ourselves whether only the final result (successes, titles) or more individual stats are more important when evaluating an esports player. 🤔
Of course, we’ll use FIFA as an example here, since our app launched with this title in mind.


Football and also FIFA is very simple. You play your match, at the end there is a final result and the winner was the better one, right?

The best players are with the best teams and have the most success. But if it’s up to us, it’s not that easy. What if we went a little deeper in the skill rating of an esport athlete in the future.

In real football, different values have been used for a long time to determine which team was better, regardless of the result. An example here would be the xG value (expected goals) ☝️

At RawSkill we’ve been playing with the idea of including ball possession, successful passes or scoring chances in the rating for a player’s rank in an event for quite some time.

Tracking from where a user scores his goals

A player who has better passing stats, scores more goals from fewer chances or has more possession should be higher up in the leaderboard if the match result is the same.

Of course, the result of a match should still be highest priority.

By doing this, we can reward the real performance of an esport athlete and distinguish players from each other even better.


In a time where we want to share every success with friends, it is no longer enough to show that I got first place in a tournament. I also want to show that I dominated my opponents.
By tracking individual stats and gameplay, we can show exactly how a user has performed.

Afterwards, users can create a graphic that show from where goals were mostly scored, how much possession they had, and how accurately they passed the ball.

Also for esport teams this can be interesting when it comes to which user might fit best to their own playing style. Teams want to have fair players who don’t just play for success but have a style of play that comes across well on Twitch.

Here we create a deeper insight into the performance of a user that goes far beyond the pure result.


FIFA players spend a lot of real money every month for FUT cards, when they don’t know, if they fit into their team or not
What if we could tell you that you play most of your passes from the right side, high into the penalty area and score 80% of your goals from 5 meters away with headers?
You also play most of your passes short and have an average possession of 62%. → Try Harry Kane in your team before you bring in 4–5 other strikers.

This is just one of many ways we can use individual stats in the future to complete our users’ gaming experience.

This way the user saves money and can equip his team with the players that really fit.

So, what do you say? Should we continue to look at pure results in the future or should we also consider individual stats?



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