How we define skill-gaming!

At RawSkill, we are dedicated to reshaping the future of skill-gaming! Away from the simple art of gaming to matches that really mean something.

So how do we describe “skill-gaming” ourselves and what games are the best fit?


>50% of the outcome of a match has to be influenced by the player himself. In other words, no influence of the game itself by excessive scripting, stories or the like.
Furthermore it supports the characteristic, that the player does not play against an AI, but against another “human” opponent. Skill is then really the deciding factor.

So, we ask ourselves the following questions before integrating a game:
• Is “skill” the deciding factor about the outcome of a match?
• Does the format of the game allow a constant success of “better players” over “non-skilled” ones
• Are random events in the game limited as much as possible
• Are there hardly any decisions that have to be made on a simple guessing basis

Perfectly suited for this are sports simulations. This is also one of the reasons why we chose FIFA when we started working on RawSkill.


Sports games are optimal for skill-gaming based events. Here, individual players or teams compete directly against each other, and the better one wins.

Players can also estimate their chances of winning and choose the right bet.

Afterwards, no one can complain that they didn’t know what they were getting into, or that they weren’t to blame for the defeat.

With rewards for such matches, we take gaming out of the simple hobby and allow players to earn additional income with their skill.

👨‍🏫 Which games are not as suitable?

First of all, story-based games like Last of US, Horizon, God of War and co are not as suitable as sports games.

Of course, a certain skill is required here, but there are different difficulty levels and you only compete against the AI. Therefore, no events or tournaments can be organised in the skill-gaming sector. But even here there is an exception that has received a lot of attention in recent years…

👉 What are the exceptions?

However, it becomes very interesting with games like Super Mario, Elden Ring or Metroid. Speedrun events could be offered here, and RawSkill computer vision technology could make the users’ runs comparable. Then we are talking about skill-gaming.

👩‍⚕️Only for real professionals?

No. We are able to match players of a similar skill level and make them comparable with each other. This way we enable every user, no matter how experienced, to win real rewards.

👮‍♂️How legal are skill gaming events?

Skill gaming events are legal because they “require a physical or mental ability and a learned capacity to carry out a result.”

The opposite of this would be “games of chance”. In other words, games whose outcome is based purely on luck. For example, dice, card games or lottery.

Of course, skill-gaming games require a bit of luck and gambling requires a bit of skill, and there are two tests to find out which sector a game belongs to. The “predominance test” and the “material element test”.
But more about that in another article!

If you are interested in the skill-gaming space and would like to learn more, please contact us by mail:



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