It’s no longer Rawbet — WE ARE RAWSKILL.

We have changed our name:
Rawbet becomes RawSkill!
But why?

In the last few months we have gone through the development from a small idea of “1v1 matches for money” to an established player within the competitive eFootball landscape in Europe.
We slightly drifted away from “Cash Games” and found Product Market Fit, by tapping into the games most popular game modes. For FIFA thats Division Rivals mode & Weekend League.

Users basically play a Rivals or WL match, track their score with the app, get ranked in one of our cups leaderboards and the top spots (with the best stats/skill) get prizes.

(Read up on why we offer feature cups instead of 1v1's in another article of ours, check it out”)

Especially, in conversations with our community, the name suffix “bet” proved to be irritating as it got associated with betting.

What we offer in RawSkill is considered Skill-Gaming rather than Betting/Gambling.


On our platform only the SKILL of a user is decisive towards the rank within our cups. Obviously, some may argue that luck is involved as well (especially in FIFA ;)) — however the deciding factor here is that its 50% or more based on skill and thats hard to argue against. [May vary in few jurisdictions]

To draw a strict line underneath this topic and to clearly take a stance — we have decided to rename.

From now on we are RawSkill.
Your daily challenge in eFootball.

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