Possible problems & solutions when working with brand influencers!

When promoting a product in 2022, influencers are always in the conversation.

At RawSkill we have had a lot of positive, but also some negative/ exhausting experiences with influencers, streamers and promoters. We’ll talk about how it affected us and the workarounds we found to make it a smoother experience.


One of the biggest pain points with influencers is often their reliability.
Some dont post at the agreed upon time, some dont post at all, some forget to post, some dont tell you that they posted and the list goes on. 🤯

To solve this issue. we create Google Calendars for our TikTok Influencers and Instagram affiliates after they signed an agreement.
The times and the calendar is previously discussed with the influencer and adapted to their time, content schedule and rush hours.
Occassionaly, especially if it’s an affiliate with a smaller reach — If necessary, we link graphical assets from our cloud as a guide. In most cases, however, our promoters create their own content.


Extracting statistics from tiktok or instagram is the next question mark.
For us and our partners it is important to analyse how a post has performed?
How many clicks? Views? Installs? Conversions? etc.

Thanks to our own App, Google, Appsflyer and Amplitude Analytics, this is easy for us to track.
We like to keep track in sheets and read off the entire journey from post to conversion.

Thats how we can check afterwards, if a long-term cooperation is worth the price and how we can possibly tweak some bits to achieve better results.


Especially with twitch, tracking, reportnig etc. USED to be hard. It’s a lot of manual work, and when you’re working with 50+ influencers per month it can get messy and confusing. You can’t watch all streamers live and ask them to do this and that.

Thats where Streamcoi comes into play for us!

We only need to set our overlay, nimations and chat messages once and they will be automatically distributed to the streamers.
This saves us work and we can customize everything flexibly and get detailed statistics on views and clicks of our ad.



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