Wager vs. Leaderboard, what will you choose?

Today we’ll take apart the two most popular skill-gaming modes and let you decide which one is better!


The classic. We both bet 2€ the winner gets 4€! So I can double my money with only one win. Or just lose everything.

- fast money
- just one match
- easy to understand

- matchmaking can take up to 60min
- profit always depends on the stake
- win 100% or lose 100%

We think that HEAD 2 HEAD model is interesting for players who are sure to win every game and are ready to play for high stakes. The casual player…..?


What is the alternative? Leaderboard events? 🤔

Our users pay a small entry fee of 1–3€ per event and then simply play their matches, often only up to 5. Depending on their performance they will get a share of the big prize pool!
So even average users can win up to 150€ with only 2€ entry & only 5 wins! 😁

- no waiting for opponents
- play whenever you want
- play your skill-level
- win up to ∞ times your stake

- more matches must be played

What do you think?

Which mode would you rather play?
Do you like Head 2 Head competition and want to compete directly with other players?
Or do you like to climb up the leaderboard with each win to increase your winnings?

Let us know!



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