Why 1on1 eSport-Cups are out of fashion!

The EURO 2020 football tournament is just around the corner. The ideal time to take your first steps in eFootball.
One way is to organise an eSports tournament — and with Rawbet we offer an ideal platform for organising such cups!

But traditional 1v1 tournaments bring some problems with them:
All players have to be online at the same time and have to follow rules and guidelines. Participants often accuse each other of cheating. And after one round, 50% of the players are already eliminated. Because supposedly weaker players are quickly chanceless.

That’s why we introduced our Leaderboard Cups a few months ago; we solve the problems mentioned as follows:
Our cups run over several days, participants can play when they want! They do not play against other participants, but play against other players within the FIFA modes “Division Rivals” or “Weekend League”. This way, our participants play the mode that suits them best and that they would already play anyway, even without our Cup!

Even players with a lower online ranking have the same chance to finish in first place. This is because online you will only meet players with a similar rating.
Our specially developed points system then makes the players comparable with each other again.

We have already started to brand our cups specifically for various sponsors such as Noblechairs, Overpowered and Fanteam.

Here you can see a possible integration within our app with the example noblechairs. Here, the winners receive vouchers for products of the brand.

If you are interested in organising a cup with Rawbet, please contact us by mail: fabian@raw-bet.com

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