Why EVERY FUT player should use RawSkill!

2 min readAug 20, 2021


Pretty bold statement — especially because it comes from us.
But give us 2 minutes to defend ourselves 🤔

Many FUT players “waste” up to 15–20 hours every week to complete their games, but for what?

Are current rewards worth the time?

At the end, EA will give you some in-game rewards and you can post a photo of your TOP 100 ranking in the Instagram Story. That’s it? 🤯
Or are you currently on your way into professional eSports? 🔥
How would it be if you could earn up to 50€ every weekend without much effort? Without a sponsor or team behind you.

➡️ And that’s where we come in. We currently offer the only way to monetize your Division Rivals and Weekend League Games.

This makes you independent from FIFA Rewards. You don’t have to qualify for big EA tournaments to get prize money that is reserved for the pros anyway. Or the food for the week is at least financed.

🎮 5 simple steps:
1. SignUp via Twitch
2. Participate in ur DR or WL cups
3. Stream your games with RawSkill
4. Play your matches as always
5. Get Paid 💰

And then it’s off to our leaderboards and with a few wins to the big prize money. You just play your Weekend League, just like every week. Only from now on you earn money.

And that’s simply why every FUT player should use our app. 🥳