Why Gaming/Esport is the perfect marketing channel?

It’s the perfect blend of brand awareness and conversion.


Classic ads that only aim for brand awareness convert very rarely.
We all know the story: The commercial on TV, the poster when driving by in a car:
How often did we really become active afterwards and used the service or ordered in this store?

And how can these people be re-targeted in the first place? Not at all, actually.

Eye-catching, alternative and aggressive posters stay in people’s minds, but do they convert without additional social media ads or online campaigns?’
Not as good as other alternatives.


What is the easiest and fastest way to get people to buy a product? “POP-UP-BANNER: Here’s a link, click it and get 20%‼️
Works sometimes, not always. Too many open questions and often times a bit too pushy. 🥱

It is true about newsletters and advertising mails, that they are only designed to convert as quickly as possible, but does the brand remain so positive in the customer’s mind? With annoying mails and pop-ups, not so sure…


🏁Combine Awareness with Conversion.

Exposure your brand in visuals, such as twitch animations, tiktok videos or in game ads & make them clickable /integrate a link.

Our influencers also manage to connect the brand with their content and promote it. 🎰
With twitch for example, a viewer is interested, a glance at the live chat is enough, because at the same time an automated message is posted, with a link to the store.




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